I made this website for people who are sad to see how bird populations are shrinking and wish to do something about it. I’m sure things can be improved! Us human beings, sometimes unwittingly, create situations that represent dangers to birds, often proving fatal to them. Today and every day, this is how unbelievable numbers are dying around the world. From “ordinary” sparrows or tits, to rare and endangered bird species. This site gives information on preventing harm to birds by reducing risks.

European Robin
European Robin, Foto: Martin Thum

This site explains everything there is to know about stopping birds from flying into windows and protecting bird boxes and nests from predators. I believe it will be a welcome source of information. I’ve attempted to make these pages attractive with the aim of reducing the decline in bird populations. The website has been compiled in cooperation with individuals and organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Petr Dobrý, Zelená domácnost

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