The landscape around us is under increasing pressure from civilization. What’s desperately missing for birds and other creatures are old hollow trees with cavities for nesting. Sadly, built-up areas and environments of mono-cultures full of chemical sprays are on the increase. Together with the decline in the number of insects, the resultant deadly cocktail is one in which the birds try not only to survive, but also to reproduce with varying degrees of success.

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Photograph by: Jana Vážka (Pavluková)

Unfortunately, this site will not change the approach of developers, foresters and farmers to the landscape. However, the aim is to influence gardeners – no matter what the size of their garden – and those who manage green spaces in cities and municipalities.

Those with even a few metres for greenery interested in learning how to make them friendly to the natural world should head over to another website by us on the subject – Life in the Garden.

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