Securing nesting boxes and bird tables from cats and other creatures

Many areas with homes contain bird tables and nesting boxes.

Nevertheless, most gardens boast a cat, whether a pet, a stray or a feral one. Cats are skilled at hunting more than just small baby birds, as they are also able to catch adult birds feeding at bird tables or when feeding their young in a nesting box. Experts estimate that 12 million birds die in this way in Europe every year.

Bird nest on the tree

Drawing credit: Schwegler

Stopping a cat from hunting birds is a losing game. We can’t be angry with them for it as it’s in their genes. So if we want to avoid nesting boxes and bird tables becoming a dining table for cats and other predators (e.g. martens or weasels), the only option is to protect birds.

Fortunately, there ARE solutions! For details, please refer to How we can help – protecting birds from predators.