If you want to help birds in any way, there are numerous options.

Feeding birds is a popular activity. You can feed birds in the winter or even throughout the year. While feeding them is good, the chance of having a drink should not be forgotten. Putting out a water bowl for them is highly recommended. Both the bird table and the water bowl should be cleaned regularly to prevent transmission of disease within the bird community.

Flying into panes of glass is always a problem, although this can be avoided simply by affixing stickers to the window that function well while not ruining the view to the outside.

Protecting birds against predators is also important, because when birds are already in your garden, they need to be safe when feeding or nesting.

Nesting is an issue in itself as both the countryside and cities today desperately lack suitable nesting cavities. That’s why every new bird box installed is particularly desirable and necessary.

If you own just a couple of metres of land in a city or village, building a small paradise for birds in the form of a bird-friendly garden is a worthwhile endeavour. Making a site filled with the twittering of birds out of an otherwise plain piece of garden is not as complicated as it would seem at first sight. After all, nature is the best gardener.