The online store of Zelená domácnost is a project run by Inreko s r.o. – family-run business based in the Czech Republic, we care about the environment around us and across the world. Dwindling forests, the poor conditions of woodland worldwide, poisoned rivers, overburdened refuse sites, polluted air, rising ocean levels with almost no fish, greenhouse gases, plastic everywhere, animals dying needlessly … We see all of these as problems and believe that visitors to this website do, too.

Zelená domácnost logo

That is why we decided to set up an online store at Zelenadomacnost.com, offering products which are friendly to people and Mother Nature. Our aim isn’t to “just” sell products, though. We are also seeking to raise awareness, because people often cause damage to nature unwittingly through not having enough information available to them. The majority of items we sell help the natural world around us, having been developed by us in cooperation with experts based in this country. We are proud of our product range that, for example, encourages bumble bees to visit gardens and the unique stickers that prevent birds from flying into surfaces, along with a host of other items.

We are looking for partners interested in distributing our products across Europe. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you be interested: info@zelenadomacnost.com

Thanks for joining us in giving nature a helping hand!

Zuzana & Petr Dobrý